What is 3-Act?

3-Act is a Burmese independent film production house for narrative films and film community that promotes cinema education, resources and events.

Who are we?

3-Act is a start-up organization founded by a Burmese female writer/director Moe Myat May Zarchi, a graduate of New York Film Academy with intensive diploma program in directing. Upon graduating, she has made an award winning short film “My Lover Never Came” and has screened several of her narrative short films at Wathan Film Festival and other international film premieres.

Currently, 3-Act is ran by Moe Myat May Zarchi. However, since we are community oriented, we hope to grow more in our team along this journey.

What we do?

Our vision is to encourage a new wave of Burmese writers/directors to emerge from the failing film industry with original narrative ideas and a great craft of storytelling that reflect and encapsulate the contemporary Burmese culture. We write and publish articles on screenwriting, directing, producing, film criticism, film theory, local film news and film resources for aspiring filmmakers on our online journal.
We are currently in the process of building a physical platform where filmmakers could come together for screenings/discussions, temporary workshops, seminars and also to support a mini library and an archive database.

Why do we do?

Myanmar had a rich cinema culture and industry before the socialist era in the 1970s. Since then, the quality of cinema has been in a downfall with very low budget direct-to-video movies which are filmed within a few weeks and the local audiences not believing in the burmese movies because they are over-exaggerated or dishonest depiction of Myanmar. Most of the movies produced nowadays are comedies, melodramas and horrors.
Fortunately, it has been nearly a decade that a new generation of cinema lovers started to revive the failing cinema industry in Myanmar. With the burst of a few film festivals such as Wathan Film Festival, Yangon Film School and the ease of technology, many young filmmakers experimented with their cameras to create short films, effectively rebelling against the traditional approach of Burmese movies in the last decades. Also, rich in our political history, there has been a great number of new wave documentaries that was produced in the last decade. However, in the narrative featured film market, there is almost little to none revival cinema that is a honest depiction of the country. And we, 3-Act, as a community, will strive to make it happen.

Why do we call it 3-act?

Every story has a beginning, middle and end. Not only story but also every action has its beginning, middle and end. Life begins inside the womb, goes through breathing and ends with death. Eating begins with cooking, goes through eating and ends as waste. A character begins with who he/she is, goes through a journey and ends with a newly gained insight or a lost. 3-act defines a closure in our actions. As story is a depiction of the law of this humanity, it builds around the 3-act. However, in storytelling, to add more suspense, the accordance can also be juggled up.